Chrysler/TransAlta Cogeneration
LP Main Steam Supply System

Windsor, Ontario






2006 - 2008



The Chrysler Windsor Minivan Assembly Plant is supplied with steam from the nearby TransAlta Energy Corporation Cogeneration Plant. Condensate is returned in parallel to the steam main. A 20' steam main operating at a pressure of 140 psig (383F) and a 6" condensate return pipe operating at a pressure of 135 psig (200F) are routed between the assembly plant and the cogeneration plant. The pipes are buried in a conduit system complete with manholes and expansion joints for most of the route as it leaves the cogeneration plant and enters Chrysler property.

Because of the age of the underground system and leakage, TransAlta and Chrysler embarked on a 3-phase program to relocate the mains aboveground. Phase 1 included the system on Chrysler property. Phase 2 included from the property line to a bridge over the Grand Marais Creek. Phase 3 from the creek to the cogeneration plant is a future project. Phases 1 and 2 comprised approximately 1000' of length and involved crossing a major public roadway.

BEI Associates, in association with Charles G. Turner & Associates, Ltd. of Toronto, Ontario, was hired by Chrysler and TransAlta to undertake the relocation without interrupting critical production and traffic schedules which complicated the phasing of the work and steam delivery. BEI undertook the work of civil/site and structural design, construction support and coordination with authorities. A number of relocation options were studied including a bridge over the public roadway before it was decided to rebuild underground. Phase 2 was completed with final tie-in and changeover in 2008.