BD Diagnostic Systems
Digest & Concentrate Process Capacity Upgrade

Detroit, Michigan









BEI Architects & Engineers, Inc. provided architectural and engineering services for the installation of equipment in a portion of an existing 3-story facility located at BD's Detroit site. Our services included the facility modifications for the operation of the equipment including, demolition, renovations, repairs, material handling dock, employee facilities, and integration of the new operations into the existing facility operation.

BEI reviewed existing plant operations and conducted field investigations to determine building and process utility upgrades necessary for this process capacity upgrade and to create a "pharmaceutical" grade facility. We developed and discussed upgrade options with BD Diagnostic System personnel to insure compliance with their requirements. Developed process layout (process flow diagram) for capacity upgrade and submit this layout for BD Diagnostic Systems' review and approval. Developed process traffic flow diagrams for use in structural analysis. Developed process piping diagrams. Developed structural modifications required for floor conditions including floor removal for equipment, equipment support, and material transportation. Prepared engineering drawings for process and building upgrade requirements.

This project included architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil upgrades, process and support equipment list, engineering sketches, and code compliance requirements.

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