Chrysler Canada LLC
Brampton Assembly Plant
Metrology Centre

Brampton, Ontario




$5.5 million


2009 - 2010


14,000 sf

BEI conducted a feasibility study of various proposed locations, considering existing building features, structural, architectural, and site elements, and preliminary layouts of the proposed Metrology Centre. The City of Brampton was contacted early to determine any time sensitive/schedule driven milestones, such as any Zoning issues, Site Plan approvals, Storm Water Management Studies, etc., that needed to be completed prior to receiving a building permit for this addition. Timing was critical since this facility was required for 2010 new product production including Alfa Romeo. Permits were received in a timely fashion.

Upon completion of studies and early opportunity activities, BEI provided architectural and engineering design and bid services and is following-up construction for the Metrology Centre Building Addition.

The scope of work included a 66' x 200' (or 14,000 square feet) building addition located to the south of the existing Body Shop and west of the Employee Services area, and related site work. The site work included exterior fire line relocations, and parking area rework. Architectural work included the building envelope, and renovations to the employee services area for new prep area and office/conference rooms. Structural foundation work included new drilled piers, floor slab, and the foundation/intertia mass for three new CMM metrology machines. Structural steel work included building structure for clear span truss supported cranes and the required supplemental steel. Mechanical work included the new fire protection system, re-feed of the existing zones, roof drainage, compressed air and city water services, and HVAC with special temperature and humidity requirements. Electrical work included the electrical power distribution and building lighting.

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