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Main Hospital, Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Obstetrics Department Expansion and Renovation
Provided complete architectural/engineering services for the renovation of existing traditional maternity care units into the single room maternity concept of a Labor/ Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum rooms (LDRP). Services included architectural design and planning, mechanical and electrical engineering, and interior design consultation. Renovation encompassed the entire 4th floor, approximately 21,940 square feet consisting of 12 LDRP rooms, 8 private postpartum beds, and 4 semi-private postpartum beds. Interior design of the units created a new hospital standard, while still allowing a unique home-like environment. The necessity of emergency power required the engineering of specialized lighting and electrical power tied to an emergency system for the LDRP rooms.

Pharmacy/Gift Shop Renovation
Provided architectural/engineering services for hospital lobby, pharmacy and gift shop. Services included remodeling the existing lobby for an expansion to the gift shop and to accommodate a new lobby pharmacy. The pharmacy location will serve patients, visitors, and employees with both prescription and over-the-counter medications. In addition to the gift shop expansion, the area provides increased office and storage space and the remodeled area has been enhanced by the addition of the adjacent lighted glass display cases.

Renovation of Mammography Unit
Performed schematic design services for expansion of women's radiology unit into existing laboratory. New rooms added were two mammography rooms, bone measurement room, dressing cubicles and educational lounge. Both are used to conduct specialized x-ray procedures for women. Schematic drawings indicate room plans, reflected ceiling plans, and equipment layouts.

Family Practice Center, Anchor Bay, Michigan
Provided design and construction document administration for a medical clinic. Facility contained examination rooms, laboratory, offices and x-ray room. Also provided project administration.

Family Practice Center, St. Clair Shores, Michigan
BEI provide design and architectural/engineering services for the renovation of the existing medical building including architectural, mechanical, HVAC, and electrical work. There were three new examination rooms added, a procedures laboratory, surgical fracture room, doctors' offices, and a pharmacy. The existing lobby, business office and main entry were also renovated.

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