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St. John Hospital - Detroit, Michigan
Gift Shop and Lobby Renovation
BEI provided architectural and engineering services for the renovation of an intertwined 2,030 sq. ft. lobby/waiting area and 1,950 sq. ft. gift shop. Both the lobby and the gift shop needed proper planning to maximize circulation flow while maintaining hospital security issues. BEI's interior design talents shined on this project where appropriateness of materials and proper planning come together to form a highly contemporary and efficiently designed space.

Parking Lot
BEI provided field survey, design drawings and specifications for the reworking of parking lot layout for 900 cars with a new vehicle entrance, replacement of an existing property line fence, the addition of security intercoms with light sensing on-off switches and security cameras.

Chiller Installation
BEI provided HVAC services for a 1000 ton chiller expansion. The expansion is to accommodate a 70,000 square foot vertical expansion above the existing concentrated care building.

St. John Hospital, Family Medicine, St. Clair Shores, Michigan
Provided design, project administration and construction document administration for a medical clinic with 14 examination rooms, treatment rooms and x-ray facilities.

Detroit Riverview Hospital, Obstetrics Department, Detroit, Michigan
BEI Architects & Engineers, Inc. provided professional architectural programming and prepared schematic designs with conceptual estimates of costs for renovation of the seventh floor obstetrics department. Programming endeavors were accomplished between BEI Associates and Hospital staff composed of doctors, nurses and administration to determine number of births per year per market share anticipated at 2700 to 2800 births with employment of new LDR suites and labor, high risk/C-section delivery rooms, recovery and post-partum rooms. Also ancillary spaces such as nurses' stations, short stay observation, locker rooms, employee/ physician lounges, isolation rooms, clean supply, soiled/clean utility, equipment rooms, family/father's waiting, nourishment, education, offices, day room, janitor closets, staff toilets, medication rooms, patient B.F. baths, gowning, anesthesiologist storage, examination, doctor's dictation, infant resuscitation room, nursery and neonatal suite were determined. Further, other functions not listed but deemed necessary to support the obstetrics department were reviewed.

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