Ypsilanti, Michigan


Architecture / Engineering




2006 - Ongoing



BEI Architects & Engineers, Inc. has a "Engineering Discipline T&M Contract" with Eastern Michigan University. Currently the following projects are in progress:

West View Road Enhancements
BEI Architects & Engineers, Inc. provided engineering services relative to the renovation of the parking lot and portion of the West View Road. The scope of work included approximately 550 lf. of existing road pavement being removed and replaced with heavy-duty bituminous pavement. Removed existing parking lot pavement and replaced with medium duty bituminous pavement. Removed the existing concrete curb and gutter in the parking lot. Provided new curb and gutter for the complete parking lot. Regraded the parking lot and the road to provide positive drainage. Evaluated the existing storm sewer system of the parking lot and roadway. Designed storm sewer system improvements. Increased the turning radius of the existing road entrance to the stadium to accommodate semi truck and provided a new culvert.

Convocation Center Cracks
BEI evaluated cracks that existed in the floor and walls of the EMU Convocation Center, which is the newest multi-purpose state-of-the-art facility in southeast Michigan, playing host to concerts, trade shows, banquets, family entertainment and EMU athletic events. Visited the Convocation Center and observed the cracks that existed in certain walls and floors of that building. We also reviewed the existing drawing to understand the structural and architectural aspects of the building. Based on our review of the drawing and our observations of the cracks, we provided a determination of the structural impact of the cracks. Our determination identified if the cracks were structurally significant or cosmetic. Lastly, we provided a recommendation for repair of the cracks. This recommendation was in written form supplemented by sketches.

Football Stadium Steel Connections Structural Condition Survey
BEI visited the Football Stadium to take pictures and reviewed the current condition of 16 triple connections of the stadium steel frame between the frame columns and two beams at 16 column lines. We also reviewed the existing drawings to identify the design of the connections. Based on our review of the drawings and our field survey, we provided a report that detailed the determination of the structural condition of the connections. We determined from measurements if the connection plates had not lost their strength due to thickness reduction from rust. We also checked the connection bolts for strength. A recommendation for connection repairs was provided. This recommendation was in written form supplemented by sketches.

Upgrade of Roosevelt School Entrance
BEI Architects & Engineers, Inc. provided architectural and engineering services relative to the upgrading of the entrance stairs, landings and supporting structure at the Roosevelt School. The work entailed replacing the existing stair treads with new stone or cast-in-place concrete treads, repairing the existing stone wall and the existing stone caps; removing, refurbishing and replacing the existing brick pavers on the stair landings; removing the existing pipe handrail and replacing it with a new decorative handrail; and repairing the concrete slab and beams of the roof structure supporting the stairs and platforms over the electrical equipment room and the crawl space.

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