Auburn Hills, Michigan


Architectural / Engineering


$7 Million


1994 - 1997


76,457 sf

BEI provided all architectural and engineering services which consisted of programming, schematic design, responsibility for all working drawings, specifications, and field observation for the facility. The Oakland Community College renovation and addition project consists of a building addition to include 22 instructional classrooms, office and administrative space, toilets, and increase barrier-free accessibility. The two-story addition consisting of approximately 50,000 s.f. surrounds the existing circular Building F, which forms an interior atrium, and contains 22 liberal arts classrooms (7 of which are computer-type rooms). Also, there is an elevator that leads to connecting bridges on the second floor that service the upper part of the existing four lecture halls. An electrical cellular floor duct, all glass for data, power and telephone service is prevalent throughout all 22 classrooms. Fiber optics conduit is available for future use of the 22 classrooms, and rooftop satellite was installed for inner-campus networking and Internet connections worldwide.

The renovation involved the conversion of four existing lecture halls, approximately 26,000 s.f., into specialized areas of instruction. The auditorium contains: a teleconference auditorium, with large screen televisions throughout the area, and rear screen projection at the front stage area, complete with interactive video telecommunications and fiber optics cabling; a beautiful wood stage with theatrical lighting for shows; a science lecture hall complete with wet-lab space for demonstrations and individual lab stations for students with new tabletops; and a computer laboratory, and large auditorium for seminars and workshops.

The brick circular forms in the three quadrants of the existing lecture halls provide a creative, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for the students to catch up on their studies or eat a snack from the vending machines. In the fourth quadrant, which is glass enclosed on the perimeter wall, various works of art are displayed from local artists. Also, all doors are color coordinated in a series to create a harmonious balance for the students.

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