Chrysler Corporation
Jefferson North Assembly Plant
Metrology Center

Detroit, Michigan
Metrology center




$5.5 million




23,000 sf

The new 23,000 square foot Metrology Center was constructed internally to the existing North Body Shop, adjacent to the existing CMM/Quality Area. The enclosure was constructed of a modular wall system and includes a 1,800 square foot conference center. The conference center will house state of the art video conferencing equipment. Additional working spaces were created when existing interior walls were demolished to create a continuous space.

Structural foundation work included inertia masses for (2) 6 meter and (1) 18 meter long CMM's, as well as (2) table top measuring machines. Structural steel work included the reinforcing the existing roof structure for the new roof-top air houses and truss supported cranes and the required supplemental steel.

Mechanical work included the new fire protection system, and a new mechanical air house with special temperature and humidity requirements. Electrical work included the electrical power distribution and building lighting.

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