Detroit, Michigan




$5.4 Million




666 Cars

BEI was selected to design the expansion of the Detroit Athletic Club (DAC) Parking Garage. The garage is owned and operated by the DAC for exclusive use by its members. The purpose of the expansion was to provide for 340 additional vehicle-parking spaces to meet current and near term needs while also providing for an additional future expansion of an additional 345 spaces on 3 levels.

BEI provided complete Architectural and Engineering services including Civil, Project Management, Estimating, Scheduling, Architectural, Structural, Electrical, and Mechanical disciplines. An initial study to determine feasibility of constructing over the existing garage plan was first performed and included conceptual design to define the program. A Schematic Design followed the Feasibility Study and produced further developed conceptual drawings from which preliminary detailed construction estimates and schedules were produced. BEI produced detailed bid and construction documents for a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Construction contract. BEI assisted in review progress payments and performed contract and construction administration services. Construction to be completed in nine months.

The existing facility contained 300 parking spaces and 3 1/2 levels and was not designed with provisions for future expansion. The expansion adds 345 parking spaces on 3 levels requiring an independent structure located over the existing parking structure. The new structure is supported by cast-in-place columns on spread footings within the plan of the existing garage and precast columns, T-floor panels, and spandrel wall sections were used above the existing garage. Panels were selected to compliment and match the aesthetics of the adjacent historic DAC Building. The project design successfully accommodated the project schedule and constraints such as site restrictions for installation of the new structure due to nearby adjacent structures, and installation of interior support columns and foundations while maintaining the operation of the existing structure.

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