Washenaw County Courthouse
Ann Arbor, Michigan


Architectural/Engineering, Construction Administration


$2 million


1992 - 1993


75,000 sf

BEI renovated the three story county courthouse that was built more than forty years ago. What was originally designed to accommodate three courts, now holds five circuit courts, one probate court and various county offices. The overcrowding caused security problems and inefficient department layouts. The main lobby security desk is equipped with metal detectors, security monitors and weapon lockers. Certain area of the building are restricted by card readers.

BEI has provided A/E services for many small projects. We added three roof HVAC units and reworked the thermostat controls, ductwork and diffusers to improve temperature control, evaluated the County-owned parking deck, and designed fire alarm communication systems. We also have a 5-year plan for county courts, juvenile home and other county facilities.

Building Features:
• Courtrooms
• Prisoner holding cells
• Judges' chambers
• New security system
• Offices

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