Wayne County Jail and Jail Annex
Detroit, Michigan






1993 - 1994


120,000 sf

Investigative Study
BEI provided architectural and engineering services for the investigation of the Old Wayne County Jail and Jail Annex. The investigation identified conditions that posed a threat to the safety and health of the prisoner population, proposed solutions to the problems identified and estimated the probable cost of the solutions. Services included a review of drawings of the existing facility, and a detailed room by room survey.

Architectural and Engineering Services
BEI performed the architectural and engineering work for the renovations recommended in the study entitled "Investigation of the Old Wayne County Jail and Jail Annex." Building improvements include fire safety improvements related to existing exits; replacement of the Old Jail roof annex; revisions to the Old Jail heating, ventilating and air conditioning system; installation of an air cooling system to the Old Jail; revisions to the Annex ventilating system; as well as the addition of individual cell lighting, and emergency existing lighting throughout the Old Jail Annex.

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