Wolverine Human Services, Juvenile Treatment Facility
Saginaw, Michigan




$6.5 million




62,000 sf, 80 beds


1998 Engineering Society of Detroit

BEI provided architectural and engineering design services under a design/build arrangement for the design and construction of a new juvenile rehabilitation facility in Saginaw, Michigan. This facility receives youthful offenders from the State of Michigan's Department of Social Services. This new facility has 80 beds in a 62,000 s.f. structure. Included in this facility are classrooms, cafeteria, library, medical gymnasium and day rooms. The interior of the facility is designed to achieve a school-like setting, which promotes the involvement of the family and the Delinquency Services Worker. The exterior of the facility is designed to provide an appearance of a non-institutionalized environment.

Within the center, each door operates electronically from control centers. Closed-circuit television cameras and microphones permit staff to closely monitor the youths.

The geographic location of the facility was first visualized by the Wolverine Human Services Executive Board as one that needs to be a peaceful, remote area, separated from the major cities and suburbs of Michigan. This type of atmosphere promotes therapy as well as removes the children both physically, visually, and mentally from the environments conducive to crime. The 20 acre site is to perfect for what the directors were visualizing-a site big enough to incorporate a large facility for 80 detainees with a large outdoor area for a multitude of recreational programs to exist.

BEI provided service in design, permitting, and shop drawing review.

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